PHIX Power Bank By Patina – Black

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  • 2500 mAh battery pack
  • Slot for 1 PHIX device
  • Slot for 1 extra PHIX pod.
  • Passthrough function – Vape while charging
  • USB Type-C for recharging the power bank
  • QI Wireless technology to recharge the power bank and charging external devices
  • USB outlet to charge other devices
  • *PHIX and PHIX PODS are not included*


  • The first Wireless PCC Power Bank for PHIX vape devices.Keep your PHIX charged and ready to go all day long, Charging your PHIX device on the go is an easy task with our uniq power-bank.What Are You Getting When You Buy a PHIX power bank mad by Patina®??Without question, PHIX vape device are the best tasting and most satisfying pod system on the market. But having to recharge your phix at least once every 6-8h makes it a bit tricky.The Portable PHIX Powerbank by PATINA is a petite and light portable device charger for the PHIX vaporizer. The PATINA Portable PHIX Power bank holds a whopping 2500 mAh battery power and can charge the PHIX in 20 to 30 minutes whilst the Powerbank itself will take 1.5 to 2 hours to charge.The PATINA Portable PHIX Power bank utilize a flip to open design allowing users to easily slide their PHIX device and PHIX pod in with no problem. The compact size, convenience, and the 2500 mAh battery capacity of the Portable PHIX Power bank makes it an amazing companion with your PHIX device!QI Wireless chargingThe PHIX Powerbank comes with the new QI Wireless Charging Technology, You can wirelessly charge your powerbank and use the power bank to charge your other devices wirelessly as long as your device such as a phone support the QI wireless charging technology.
    QI Wireless Charging Technology

    Product Features:

    • PHIX Charging Case
    • Approximate Charge Time to Charge PHIX
      • 20 to 30 Minutes
    • Holds One PHIX Device
      • Sold Separately
    • Holds One PHIX Pod
      • Sold Separately
    • QI Wireless technology to recharge the power bank and charging external devices
    • USB outlet to charge other devices
    • Flip to Open Case
    • Magnetic Sliding Drawer
    • Passthrough function – Vape while charging
    • 2500 mAh Battery Power
      • Battery Life Indicator
      • Approximate Charging Time
        • 1.5 to 2 Hours

    Product Includes:

    • One PATINA Box Charging Case
    • One USB Type C Charging Cable
    • One User Manual and Warranty Card


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